Gazur – up-cycled goods
The word GAZUR in Hebrew means: something that was CUT (derived) from
something else.

Gazur products are being dreamed, designed and manufacture in Berlin by us
– Noam and Shahar.

Shahar studied interior/textile and stage design and brings her knowledge
in product manufacture and understanding of fabrics.  Noam brings his web
skills and a passion for architecture, photography and a manly point of

We offer limited edition pieces such as handbags, purses, clutches, small
wallets and more, reflecting a minimal design inspired by the simplicity we
strive keep in our life and environment.

We prefer simple shapes, high-quality materials, resistance, colors, and
small collections.

Each one of our leather bags is made from up-cycled leather, cut offs from
high quality upholstery workshops.  Apart from leather we also use waxed
canvas and re-claimed fabrics from second hand clothes. This means our
products are not only unique, they are also environmentally friendly.

As a whole, we are not only trying to create new designs, but we primarily
want to adapt the products to daily requirements.  That is why we like to
meet our customers in person and we are open to adapting our products to
their requirements.

*Shahar Waks & Noam Sharet*
„GAZUR  simply leather“

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